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In all of Los Angeles, you will be hard pressed to find an artist more driven and passionate about his craft than James Huang. I've had the pleasure of working with James on a number of occasions and his professionalism and positive nature is always refreshing and inspiring. He is a talented and commanding actor, an athletic and adventurous stuntman, and a prolific and promising screenwriter. Not only would I recommend working with him, I would also encourage you to watch anything that he is in, as I guarantee that you will be in for a treat.

- Feodor Chin (Lead on Overwatch, Jane the Virgin, Big Little Lies)

About us

Director - James Huang

I’ve had a number of professional teachers since the early 90's in acting, filmmaking, photography, and visual arts. While all of them were qualified teachers with something to offer, not all of them were kind, and not all of them had practical working experience. I aim to be a guide who is kind to actors and brings real world knowledge and diverse work experience to the classroom. I want to provide other actors with excellence whether it be in teaching or through the digital video and photo services we offer to thrive in this business. Whenever I’m not on camera, I can be found holding one and taking photographs or filming video; otherwise, I'm editing or writing. I’ve never worked outside of this business and I’ve dedicated my life to this craft. As a father with two small boys, I’m very interested in slowing down a little bit after more than two decades of deadlines and high-stress demands of directing and producing, so I can focus on the finer things in life like being a dad and coaching actors. After twenty great years in Hollywood, we have relocated to Melbourne, Australia where we can connect with people in person while maintaining our online courses worldwide. I love working with actors and I'd be honored to work with you.


I first trained in Theater Arts and Cinema Studies at Rutgers University where I learned a broad scope of directing, writing, acting and stagecraft as well as studying film theory, screenwriting, and film history. I extended my theatrical training at the William Esper studio in NYC and performing daily for over a year with The George Street Playhouse and other regional theaters before moving to Hollywood. I continued my studies relentlessly with top studio teachers over the next decade, honing my training in film acting with a strong emphasis on script analysis. Since beginning my acting career in theater I have over 40 studio film & T.V. credits, over 40 television commercials, and countless indie film projects. My handful of stunts and stage combat work is an extension of my 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo. I have worked as a director in film and T.V. with networks like MTV, VH-1, WETV, MSNBC, and Apple. I’ve shot and edited commercial content with media giants Ogilvy, Sony, and many other companies throughout the years. I most recently completed the 10-class UCLA Extension program for Photography.


I’ve been cast in several recurring roles on T.V. and won an award for best actor by the Stay Tuned TV awards. As a filmmaker, my feature film Starting from Scratch which I wrote, directed, edited and starred in, won several festival awards including best film at the DisOrient Film Festival, and both Best Acting Ensemble & Best Editing at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase. My short action film Fail/Safe won best short at the Urban Action Showcase Festival. A comedic short of ours Chinese Hi-Five is currently on Youtube with over 20 million views and counting. I won the prestigious Prism Award for my work directing for the MTV Documentary Series True Life. Awards are nice, but it’s the work we love. Right?

" James Huang is fantastic! He loves & respects actors and firmly believes that your reel should be of the highest quality, and serve you in the advancement of your career. I am so impressed with the quality of my new reel. And, it only took him a matter of DAYS...yes DAYS. Now, I have a reel that is high quality and can be easily added to as I book more work. I cannot recommend James enough. You are doing yourself and your career a big favor when you work with James Huang." - Dwana White (The Middle, Private Practice, E.R.)

Elizabeth Sandy - Director

I have a Bachelor of Arts - Professional Writing with a major in script writing and am also a graduate of the prestigious National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne. I have been acting professionally for 20+ years both in my homeland, Australia and second home Los Angeles and have worked extensively in theatre, film, television and improv shows across Australia, the US and Asia.

I am always looking for new ways to extend my art and over the last few years, have branched out into producing and directing. I love the way actor’s tick and welcome the chance to collaborate with them, whether it be acting alongside them in a scene, directing them for a project or even reading with them for a self tape. I think it’s important for an actor to have an ongoing curiosity for the world and a passion for the work, which is why I believe taking class is so important. I also believe actors should be generous with each other and share our skills, our knowledge, so that we can all continue to evolve as artists and people.

Acting Classes

Currently Enrolling studio classes

in Melbourne, Australia and online zoom!

My teaching approach is a 50/50 combination of acting coach and director. When we rehearse a scene, I coach the actor, both seasoned and new, through the beats and script analysis. Then when we film, I work with the actor as a director would on set and nuance the performance for camera. My class is audition prep, scene study, and the practical application and process of film acting. I will help the actor refine their craft while developing the technical and practical skillset required to audition successfully and develop their best working habits for working on a professional film & T.V. set.

Being an actor is no different to being an athlete, a musician, a comedian or any artist; you must practice your talent to be prepared the moment an opportunity arrives. At every level, refining your skill and nurturing your talent is an ongoing journey for ones entire acting career. The immediate feedback of the video playback is a vital teaching tool no matter how uncomfortable one may feel when watching oneself on screen. This is film acting.


Audition Coaching + Self Tapes

The process of auditions and self tapes are similar to my on camera class which entails rehearsal with strong script analysis and ultimately giving a nuanced performance for camera. We work until you're satisfied and the audition is ready to submit. I keep my rates low to encourage repeat clients because I know how expensive it can be when regularly auditioning. During Covid-19, on-line audition coaching and off camera reading through the speaker while you self-tape become a new normal and a common practice for us and our clients.


“With James’s knowledge as a Director, he’s able to guide your performance and bring out the best results as an actor. He doesn’t rush the moment but takes the time to go in depth of the scene & character.” - Caroline Choi (Recurring on Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy, The Fix, Marriage Retreat, Sons of Anarchy)

“James is the rock star of audition coaches! He always knows the purpose of the character and scene in the script and gives you enough space and inspiration to get noticed for a unique performance.”

– Louisa Kendrick (Seven Pounds, Dirty Sexy Money, Medium)

Demo Reels Edit + Creation

As an actor one of the most important things is a solid actors reel. In collaboration with Melbourne Cinematographer David Chan at SOFTFOCUSMEDIA, we offer Actor Showreel Packages that are tailored to your needs as an actor.

We will work with you on developing a script that best showcase your versatility as an actor, complete with on the day coaching, professional production shoot, final edit and colour grade.

See our pricing and watch the pitch video at


"James is lightning fast as a demo reels editor and he produces polished and professional work. He also went far above and beyond the call of duty by helping me get an episode of a show that's no longer on the air. I had exhausted every other way of getting it... he got it done! " - Nadine Ellis (Lead actor on Let's Stay Together, Tropic Thunder, Hairspray! Reno 911!)

Headshot Photography

All photography services now in Melbourne, Australia only. Headshot photography is charged hourly utilizing as many looks as you want in the session. James is a Graduate of the 10 class

UCLA Extension photography certificate.

IG: @1JamesHuangPhoto


"James Huang is a true professional. As an actor, director and writer himself, He has incredible instincts with timing. With the help of his editing skills, he managed to bump my acting performance up a notch; I was so impressed and very pleasantly surprised! If you need an acting reel, James is a no brainer; you will not be disappointed!"

- Sadie Alexandru, Actor (Recurring on Mad Men & The Fosters)

"It was great working with James. He shot a scene for my reel in an afternoon and had it back to me in a couple days. When I requested some editing changes, he had them for me with in 24 hours. He is super flexible, talented and gave me a great product. Will definitely work with him again! "

- Liz McGeever (Preacher, Homeland, Nashville)

Original Content Creation

In Hollywood, we created a multitude of original content such as award winning short films, viral web videos and sketches, corporate branded content, personal showcase reels as well as spec trailers, fight scenes, proof of concept films and commercials. We have produced our own award winning feature film and consulted and helped produce a number of colleagues films. If you dream it, we can film and edit it.

Now serving the Melbourne, Australia area only.

Contact us when you have a script and a budget. From there, we bring your dream to the screen.

“I worked with James on several short film and sketch projects that turned out phenomenally. James is easy and fun to work with, and the quality of work is professional and turn-around is super fast.”

- Katie Wilbert (Comedy Central, Fox Sports)

"A professional reel is essential if you want to be taken seriously. James is a seasoned actor so he really gets it. He’s fast, thorough, and a great guy. I got a handful of agent meetings with the reel he cut for me and could not be more grateful for his expertise."

- Jonathan Baron, (True Blood, The Duff, The Mentalist)

"James is amazing at creating high quality, professional reels. He's fast, easy to work with, and incredibly talented."

- Lindsey Sporrer (Vegas, Nashville, Some Kind of Beautiful, Blue Mountain State)



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MeetUp Group: Melbourne area only

Actor Showreel Creation: Soft Focus Media

HollywoodActorLab IG: @HollywoodActorLab

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"When I asked James to shoot a scene for my reel I thought I was mostly getting a camera and sound and lighting equipment, along with someone who hopefully knew how to use them. What I got was a highly professional, friendly, and efficient shoot with a great director who invested himself in the material and pulled an honest performance out of me! Not to mention I got my wonderfully edited footage the next night! James took the time on set to analyze the material with me and direct me. He takes pride in these reels, and it shows!"

- Adi Ben Ami (CSI: Cyber, The Scaries)


“James and I have been collaborating for a long time. He is an excellent teacher and so easy to work with. If you bring in good ideas he will help you make them better. With decades of industry experience I always feel comfortable knowing that I’m getting great advice that will actually better my performance." - Brent Popolizio (9-1-1, Lady Dynamite, Jane The Virgin, Lead voice on Clarence)

Acting Classes

"Whenever I wasn’t training or working as an actor, I was making films, directing for television, or working as an editor. I utilize all the knowledge I’ve amassed from screenwriting, directing, editing, and producing to inform the actors choices. I teach acting with a fully realized approach to the entire body of work beginning with script analysis all the way to coaching the actor for the camera with a discerning director and editors eye."- James Huang


*USA calendar*

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for holidays and exceptions


in Greensborough VIC

Acting Fundamentals

Recurring or Drop in classes

Sunday afternoons

All levels welcome

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* Studio classes now in MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA! *

Online Zoom Classes

  • Paired or Partnered Classes meet 1 hour each week for ongoing actor training and scene study
  • Class is actor training/ scene study/ audition preparation/ performance exercises

Summer Studio Classes - Melbourne

  • January 11 - March 19
  • Sundays 2pm home studio in Greensborough, VIC
  • About 2 hour classes weekly online zoom (pending class size)
  • All levels welcome!
  • Actor Training & Scene Study
  • Join us on MeetUp!

Some Information:

  • Our classroom has moved from Hollywood, CA to Melbourne, Australia and we intend to maintain our online classes available to people all over the world. Melbourne in-studio classes coming soon!
  • We offer weekly private or partnered classes online for a steep discounted rate. Each 1 hour class is tightly built for you and your development as an actor. Zoom sessions are recorded and available for you to review/ download on a private link after each class!
  • Class includes everything from theater games and exercises, scene study assignments, audition prep, script analysis, to the practice of being directed for camera with multiple takes.
  • Actors work each week and will be assigned scenes or can bring in material they want to work on.

Some housekeeping rules:

  • The time and work place is sacred. There is no judgment or criticism about the work in progress. All classrooms must be a safe space for growth. Respect your fellow students. No gossip or unproductive criticism will be tolerated.
  • Actors will stay for the duration of the class unless previously discussed. Watching your fellow classmates is a huge part of learning as their notes are your notes.
  • On time means at least 5 minutes early. Please respect your fellow actors and be on time.
  • Be present during class. Do not check your phones and please try to devote the hour to a private setting where you won't be distracted or pulled away from the screen during the work.


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  • ACTING CLASSES (Melbourne Studio and Online)
  • New Quarter is January 11 - March 19

  • Audition Coaching + Self Taping
  • Demo Reel Editing + Creation
  • Original Content Creation
  • Headshot + Lifestyle Photography
  • Melbourne Film Collective

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During Covid-19 All of our Zoom rates have been discounted.


Acting Fundamentals

$200 AUD per month

Sun 2pm and 4pm


Private hours

$40 USD / $60 AUD

per session x 4 pack

Partnered/ Paired hours

$30 USD/ $45 AUD weekly

per session x 4 pack



$40 USD/ $65 AUD flat rate

Enrolled Students

$20 USD / $30 AUD discounted


Actor Showreel creation +

Original Content Creation

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Soft Focus Media

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